Michelle Reid~Hawley
Visual Artist~Poet
Prologue ​Artist ​© Copyright (Michelle Reid~Hawley) All Rights Reserved. Michelle was born in Fort Worth, Texas and as lived most of her life in Arlington, Texas. Her main influence growing up was her Mother who was artistic and studied art at the University of Texas at Arlington in Texas. The cultural influence in her art is from all races, creeds and cultural, after all the United States in the melting pot for all the world. Her interest in art started when she was a toddler and her mother caught her coloring on the wall, Maybe that is how coloring book started. Michelle studied art in school and was always enrolled in some art course during the summer break with various local artist. ​In 2016, was noticed by Collector's Internationally and honored to be purchase by international collector's. Quote from the Artist, 'Art is a vision we share through the eyes of the beholder. No two people see a painting the same way. It is a story. With every painting that you see there is a back story to the art. It may have been inspired by a poem or a short story but there is always some thought that inspired the art. Each project often consists of multiple works, often in a range of different media, grouped around specific themes and meanings. During research and production new areas of interest arise and lead to the next inspiring work.' None of my pieces are done in a day they would be under Slow Art. Slow Art principles, the viewing of art under Slow Art is a slow and meditative process. To properly view a work of art, it must be viewed and pandered over for a duration of time. Under Slow Art works of art are an expression of a devotional life process. One of my pieces was started in the 1970's and took me 43 years to complete. The walk into the master was inspiring and spiritual and yours in a gallery should be as up lifting and inspiring as the art that was created. Enjoy.